How it work. To those who qualify Michael Summers will share 25% of his commision with you. Upon the completion of a  purchase or sale of a your home in some cases both. You will receive a Check from Shorewood Cares within 30 business days after the closing of your home. To put this in perspective the average commision rate for a Buyer's Agent is 2.8%. The Median Home price in Denver is $400,000.  This mean Shorewood Cares will send you a Check for $2800 at the completion of your purchase of a home.  


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The hard truth, Not all transaction pay 2.8% commision rate. Some pay more Some pay less. Total amount of commission sharing is based on 25% of the agreed upon amount of commission rate at the time of the contracts being signed.  A full disclosure in any contract to “Buy and Sell Real Estate” you will be fully aware of the commision rate to be paid at the time of closing. No sharing of commision will take place if any transaction is not completed or completed but not using Michael Summers services. All commision sharing subjection to Shorewood Cares inspection of compliance to State and Federal Real Estate Rules and Regulations and are subjection to change without notice.

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